Scientific Program Builder, Personal Agenda - LookUs Scientific

Scientific Program Builder and Publisher

You can put sessions, speeches, coffee breaks by drag and drop in visual environment. You can increase durations of sessions by holding boxes from corners and streching out.

Application analyzes speakers' session-hall informations and inform organizator if there is a confliction between sessions. Participant can also create their own programs in the meantime. Both online program and agenda can work compatible with mobile.

Direct connection can be made in virtue of AbstractAgent integration.

  • Easy to create sessions with your mouse by just drag-n-drop
  • Easy to change time/hall with your Mouse on scientific program
  • Warnings if any collapse occurred.
  • Participants can manage their special agenda via PC or/and mobile devices
  • Full integration with mobile application. It means when you change anything, mobile content will be update.
  • Full integration with Abstract Management system and can grab data from there